Remembering the island of Gran Canaria

This is a garden reform of a semi-detached house in Tarragona, year 2021 Not everything is Mediterranean gardens and native landscapes and here is an example. 85 m2 space that has undergone one of the most spectacular changes in record time: from outdated garden to trendy garden in a month and a half. The formula used has been: inspiration in the vegetation of the Canary Islands + powerful colour, in this case almost black gray + proportion in the spaces + combination of different materials = successful result We started from a completely paved space with a raised perimeter planter, covered with stone that ran along 2 of the four sides. The third, a neighbour’s cypress hedge in very poor condition and the fourth, the rear façade of the house itself.
  • A paved area was maintained to locate a pergola and the rest was covered with a combination of gravel, artificial grass and some details of ecological lumber.
  • The planter was removed, taking advantage of it to plant directly on the ground, and only a rounded section was used and another that was used as a structure for a wooden bench.
  • The wood appears again to visually cover the neighbour’s cypress hedge and form the structure of the shower. Because there is no pool, the shower with hot and cold water is essential.
  • And finally the color, dark gray almost black, with which some walls have been painted, which contrasts with the white and green of the plant species inspired by the Canary Islands: dragon tree, Yucca rostrata, Arecastrum romanzoffianum, Agave attenuata, Cordyline australis.
The result has been one more room on the outside where you can be, eat, sunbathe and enjoy yourself alone or in company in an environment that fills you in every way, more than we could imagine.

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