A bass with surprise

Housing on the ground floor of a building in Tarragona, surface area of ​​130 m2, year 2006.

This garden is rather an anti-garden. We wanted all the benefits of a garden, as if a room in the house had gone outside so that it had neither walls nor a roof, but with just the right plants.

There were technical limitations: high wall, at the mercy of the neighbors’ views and presence of rock on the ground.

The first aspect, which initially produced “terror”, was incorporated into the design without any problem, in fact, it determines the character of an enclosed space, which makes the view bounce off it and return to the garden from where you never want to leave.The wall is attractive by itself, both for its finish and for supporting the furniture: bench, shower, flower boxes and small fountain.

The planters solve aspect number three, the presence of rock on the ground. They act as bottomless containers for the plant, while at the same time creating volumes of different heights to give depth to the space. We wanted the plants to be few, but with character.

Aspect number two is solved by creating an atmosphere that allows you to isolate yourself from the environment. The environment is what it is and cannot be changed, but one’s appreciation of it can be modified and this is where we have worked.

The design has been based on shaping and solving the technical issues that the initial idea of ​​the property presented. The result is spectacular, the sensation that the space transmits has been modified, different areas have been created with specific uses and all with a unique aesthetic.

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