The rock as the protagonist

Detached house in Tarragona, year 2009

This is a 1200 m2 plot, characterized by a privileged location with unique sea views, secondly, by the presence of rock on the site, which has conditioned the technical solutions we adopted, and finally by a house and materials with a lot of character. The design at some point has “adapted” to the rock and it appears as the protagonist.

Two areas are distinguished, the main one, where the pool is located, with pure straight lines, an extension of the shapes of the house, and the rear and perimeter area where the shapes are organic and imitate those of the surrounding landscape, being reduced to the vegetal elements.

When planting, due to the technical limitation already mentioned, different solutions have been adopted

  • Direct planting in those areas that have allowed it.
  • Drilling holes in the rock with machinery in that area where the plantation was conditioned by the function of covering unwanted views.
  • Plant inside planters in those areas where it was impossible to do otherwise: corten steel and masonry planters

The result is natural, attractive, with interest in each point and in each view. It is very modern and at the same time “introduces” the Mediterranean landscape of the environment that remains quite unchanged

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