A garden with history

A garden in the upper part of Tarragona that stands on the ancient ruins of the Roman temple of Augustus of said city. Surface of about 100 m2, year 2022

Garden with access from the street and from the house on the first floor. Space between high walls that conveys the feeling of a patio and that is where its charm lies: a magical place due to its location, dimensions and sensations it produces

The objective was to reform it first of all, creating design lines that valued the importance of this unique space, and, secondly, giving meaning to the existing plant specimens, as if they had formed part of the design from the outset. . Also, introducing different decorative elements of the property, such as columns, cups, planters, a fountain or hand-painted ceramics, to create a magical space where nothing is left over and everything is part of the same idea.

And it was achieved. The result has been a unique and surprising space, which transmits calm and freshness, allowing us to enjoy this luxury without further ado.

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