Monica Boutique Hotel

Newly built hotel in Cambrils, Tarragona, year 2020
This is a 20 rooms hotel only for adults on an area of 1,015 m2 that had to bring together everything, as:

  • Pool space, beautiful, with its hammock area inside and outside the water.
  • Terrace where you can have a drink in the garden.
  • Another space in the garden for different uses.
  • And of course, separated from the street by a leafy plant barrier that would completely enclose it.

Everything was achieved with the aggravating circumstance that a large part of the useful surface was on the parking lot, with the limitation that this entails when planting. 

Ingenuity and a millimetre study were key and we can say that the result has been spectacular: modern design that blends in with the building, which opens completely to the outside and a hotel model that does not differentiate spaces so that everything is connected and with the garden too, how could it be otherwise.

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