Roof Garden

Roof garden in hotel in Tarragona, year 2019

A roof garden with no access that constitutes the visual of the rooms of the two L-shaped buildings that make up the hotel. Due to its height of one floor, it is visible to all of them and for the rooms on the first floor, a true garden practically level.

The improvement of the 187 m2 rectangular roof, under which the hotel dining room is located, was the ideal opportunity to transform it into a true garden in the form of an extensive green roof. It has turned out to be a marvel both for the guests themselves and for the users of the pool, since due to its height it can be seen from the pool, as well as from the neighbouring houses and even passers-by.

Reality has surprised us all, exceeding all our expectations. A month after planting, the change was already visible and, from then on, unstoppable.

Technically it is a cover with a substrate thickness between 10-15 cm which has conditioned the choice of species, their orientation and the irrigation sectors. There are four to ensure, in each season, the most optimal irrigation based on the amount of sun received and exposure to the wind.

It is 4 years old and fills us all with satisfaction due to its spectacular, incomparable effect. For its environmental action, acts as a natural insulator, reduces the carbon footprint and increases biodiversity. We have verified this with the increase of bees and ladybugs.

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