Herencia Altés Winery

Winery located in Gandesa, Terra Alta, Tarragona, years 2017-2018

In this landscape project there are two goals. On the one hand, to integrate the winery into the surrounding landscape as if it had magically emerged in the natural landscape, embedded in it. Although in reality action was taken on the ground to make it appear that way. And on the other hand, to create a landscape walks around it.

In the first case, it is the building and adjoining spaces that include the parking area, the main access to the building, the access ramp to the industrial facilities, the two semi-intensive green roofs and, finally, the exit from the building to the natural landscape on the ground floor with all its circulations. The two decks, one above the warehouse of 980 m2 and the other, on the upper level, of 745 m2.

The criterion has been minimal intervention with total respect for the natural landscape which can be enjoyed with extraordinary views of the Ports. The species used are native and these, along with the spectacular architectural features of the building, are the true stars. The design of paths, stairs and walkways follow the pattern set by the building as if it were a projection to the outside.

The second goal has been to create various walks around the nearest terraces with the reproduction of different plant environments representative of the environment: Carrascar, Roureda of Valencian oak, Garriga de coscoll, Brolla calcícola and Prats Secs.

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