Biological treatment pool

This is a integral project of the exteriors of a house in a rustic farm of 5,000 m2, in the Priorat, Tarragona. Years 2017-2019 It includes zoning, walks and planted areas, but above all the construction of a biological purification pool for the interest of the property using water as natural as possible for its benefits for the skin and for the natural environment. The farm land and surrounding agricultural landscape with its wonderful views has been the inspiration for the whole process, without forgetting the needs of a young couple with two small daughters. The design of the pool is comfortable for bathing and playing, but its particularity lies in the fact that the purification is carried out by the biofilm deposited in the gravel that acts as a filter and that together with the specific plants that feed on this waste so favourable for them. They form a single system, a system that has fitted in perfectly, in balance with the natural environment and its influence, with temperature variations throughout the year and with minimum requirements.

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