Rural house Mas d'en Mas

Outdoor space that surrounds two rural houses that share a single building located in L’Ampolla, Parc Natural del Delta de L’Ebre in L’Ampolla, Tarragona, surface area of 1,872 m2, year 2021.

Project to integrate, in the wonderful landscape of the rice fields, two rural houses resulting from the reform of an existing country house to give it the new use of rural accommodation. All this within the Natural Park with the limitations that it entails. Both at the constructive level of the materials and work elements to be made, as well as the plant species to be used.

The interest has been in how being able to have only 13 plant species from the different strata, with hardly any flowering plants among them, has created such a spectacular result, appreciable already a few months after planting and now, after two years, it leaves you speechless.

What could be monotonous and boring, especially in the case of a space dedicated to tourism with use throughout the year, has been the opposite. It has been beautifully integrated into the surrounding landscape and into the incredible atmosphere created by the building, its style and details. The result is a small haven of peace, rich in nuances, subtle in shapes and colours, in pure harmony with the surroundings and maximum peace of mind, what more could we wish for!

The lines of the design have been very subtle, little evident, but not for that reason non-existent. In any design the first thing to take into account ais the uses and circulations and here it was not going to be less.

Each of the aspects of a rural accommodation has been worked on with the option of using it as a single unit or as two depending on the case with its independent outdoor spaces: swimming pool, solarium, outdoor dining room, seating area, promenade…

used, and that of the light itself depending on the time of year, contribute something impossible to describe with words that makes the landscape transform and have no need for excess: nature itself.

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